SFC黎明期を支えた名作のオマージュ『Crystal Story: Dawn of Dusk』紹介

スーパーファミコン黎明期の名作から意志を紡いだドット絵アクション『Crystal Story』を紹介。レトロゲーム好きが歓喜する名作オマージュも多く、日本の作品から色濃くインスパイアされている様子も伺える。ブラウン管フィルターなどの細かな配慮もされており、ドット絵で育ってきた世代は必見の作品です!

Crystal Story: Dawn of Duskの概要



【English translation】
This is a royal action game in which the player adventures around the world to save his brother who has been kidnapped by the great demon “Termina”. The game also includes puzzle elements throughout, and combined with a story that is a model of an adventure tale, it is sure to destroy the tear ducts of many players.

The game’s dot art is so beautiful that it will enchant you at first glance, and the gimmicks and effects seem to have been influenced by the Hall of Fame masterpieces, creating a wonderful work of art that shows respect in every aspect.


Crystal Story: Dawn of Duskの注目ポイント



【English translation】
The base of the game will be 2D action, but from the information on the STEAM page, it seems to include turn-based battle elements, and we expect this to be a masterpiece with “Mother”-style battle screens and glimpses of Quinted (the game’s production company)-like action.

Although the creator is out of the Super Nintendo’s heyday, the game combines a charm that will instantly captivate the middle generation if they see it. Currently, the game is announced to be available only in English, but depending on the number of applicants and sales, a Japanese version may also be released. With great graphics and the enthusiasm of the developers, there is no doubt that this will be an interesting game, so be sure to add it to your wish list and wait for further news!

Crystal Story: Dawn of Duskの基本情報